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A Formal Study of Boolean Games with Random Formulas as Payoff Functions

, 2018 . URL: Evgeny Dantsin , Jan-Georg Smaus , and Sergei Soloviev . Algorithms in Games Evolving in Time: Winning Strategies Based on Testing . In Isabelle ... ): 295 - 323 , 2008 . doi: 10 .1007/ s10817-008-9113-6. Joe Hurd . Formal verification of probabilistic algorithms . PhD thesis , University of Cambridge, 2002 . Erik Martin-Dorel and Sergei Soloviev

On Isomorphism of Dependent Products in a Typed Logical Framework

A complete decision procedure for isomorphism of kinds that contain only dependent product, constant Type and variables is obtained. All proofs are done using Z. Luo's logical framework. They can be easily transferred to a large class of type theories with dependent product.