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Periodization of the origins of Transbaikal’s health care system

Abstract An attempt has been made to summarize the results of research into the emergence and establishment of the health care system in Transbaikal as a unified organizational and territorial structure. One of the system’s main goals was to provide the region’s population with accessible medical care. According to the author of the article, by overcoming the fragmentation...

The origin and formation of the Transbaikal health care system

The current continuing outflow of valuable production forces and intellectual resources from Transbaikal has a negative impact on the socio-economic development of this border area. A retrospective analysis of the health care system provided to the Russian population living in remote areas demonstrates that not all formative stages of the health care system in Transbaikal were...

Features of the formation of the health care system in Transbaikal during the period of the Far Eastern Republic

The formation of the health care system in Transbaikal after the revolution of 1917–1918 had a number of essential features that will be covered in this paper. In 1919, the organization of medical care in Transbaikal retained its pre-revolutionary structure. In connection with the tense political situation in eastern Russia and the serious danger of a military conflict with Japan...