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Modified gravity one-loop partition function

The one-loop partition function of the \(f(R,R_{\mu \nu }R^{\mu \nu })\) gravity theory is obtained around \(\hbox {AdS}_4\) background. After a suitable choice of the gauge condition and computation of the ghost determinant, we obtain the one-loop partition function of the theory. The traced heat kernel over the thermal quotient of the \(\hbox {AdS}_4\) space is also computed...

The Maxwell–Chern–Simons gravity, and its cosmological implications

We consider the cosmological implications of a gravitational theory containing two vector fields coupled via a generalized Chern–Simons term. One of the vector fields is the usual Maxwell field, while the other is a constrained vector field with constant norm included in the action via a Lagrange multiplier. The theory admits a de Sitter type solution, with healthy cosmological...

Vector dark energy models with quadratic terms in the Maxwell tensor derivatives

We consider a vector–tensor gravitational model with terms quadratic in the Maxwell tensor derivatives, called the Bopp–Podolsky term. The gravitational field equations of the model and the equations describing the evolution of the vector field are obtained and their Newtonian limit is investigated. The cosmological implications of a Bopp–Podolsky type dark energy term are...