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A nested compartmental model to assess the efficacy of paratuberculosis control measures on U.S. dairy farms

veterinarians Drs. Deniece Williams and John Champagne for their collaboration and assistance with acquisition of data on cow pen movements. Data curation: Malinee Konboon, Sharif S. Aly. Formal analysis ... : Malinee Konboon, Noah Rhee, Sharif S. Aly. Methodology: Malinee Konboon, Sharif S. Aly. Resources: Patrick O. Pithua, Sharif S. Aly. Software: Malinee Konboon. Supervision: Majid Bani-Yaghoub, Patrick O

Reliability of environmental sampling culture results using the negative binomial intraclass correlation coefficient

The Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) is commonly used to estimate the similarity between quantitative measures obtained from different sources. Overdispersed data is traditionally transformed so that linear mixed model (LMM) based ICC can be estimated. A common transformation used is the natural logarithm. The reliability of environmental sampling of fecal slurry on...

A randomized controlled trial on preweaning morbidity, growth and mortality in Holstein heifers fed a lacteal-derived colostrum replacer or pooled maternal colostrum

Background The objective of this randomized controlled trial was to determine the effect of feeding a commercial lacteal-derived colostrum replacer (CR) or pooled maternal colostrum (MC) on preweaning morbidity, growth and mortality in Holstein heifer calves. A total of 568 calves were randomly assigned to be fed either 3.8 L of pooled MC or two doses (200 g IgG) of a CR. Calves...

Effect of Three Colostrum Diets on Passive Transfer of Immunity and Preweaning Health in Calves on a California Dairy following Colostrum Management Training

Saskatoon Colostrum Co. Ltd. Authors’ Contribution Sharif S. Aly, Patrick Pithua, and Deborah M. Haines designed the trial. Sharif S. Aly and JDC conducted the colostrum management training. Sharif S. Aly ... , Deniece R. Williams, and Angel Garcia conducted the study and contributed to data collection. Deniece R. Williams and Sharif S. Aly analyzed the data. Deniece R. Williams wrote the first paper draft. Sharif