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Acrylamide-induced molecular mutation spectra at HPRT locus in human promyelocytic leukaemia HL-60 and NB4 cell lines

Acrylamide (AA) is a compound widely used in many industries around the world. The recent finding that it is formed naturally in foods by heating raises human health concerns. AA is a proven carcinogen in animals and a probable carcinogen in humans, while its mutagenicity detected using in vitro mammalian gene mutation assays is still inconsistent in different cell systems. In...

Molecular analysis of Tripterygium hypoglaucum (level) Hutch-induced mutations at the HPRT locus in human promyelocytic leukemia cells by multiplex polymerase chain reaction

Sheng Xue Liu 0 Jia Cao 0 Hui An 0 0 Department of Hygiene Toxicology, College of Preventive Medicine, Third Military Medical University , Chongqing 400038 , People's Republic of China The