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Spatio-temporal evolution of port opening in China's 40 years of reform and opening-up period

Conceptualization: Xiaoshu Cao, Shengchao Li. Data curation: Shengchao Li. 17 / 20 Formal analysis: Shengchao Li. Funding acquisition: Xiaoshu Cao. Investigation: Shengchao Li. Methodology: Shengchao Li. Project ... administration: Shengchao Li. Resources: Shengchao Li. Software: Shengchao Li. Supervision: Shengchao Li. Validation: Shengchao Li. Visualization: Shengchao Li. Writing ? original draft: Shengchao Li. Writing

cgaTOH: Extended Approach for Identifying Tracts of Homozygosity

Identification of disease variants via homozygosity mapping and investigation of the effects of genome-wide homozygosity regions on traits of biomedical importance have been widely applied recently. Nonetheless, the existing methods and algorithms to identify long tracts of homozygosity (TOH) are not able to provide efficient and rigorous regions for further downstream...

Steroid hormone modulation of RET through two estrogen responsive enhancers in breast cancer

RET, a gene causatively mutated in Hirschsprung disease and cancer, has recently been implicated in breast cancer estrogen (E2) independence and tamoxifen resistance. RET displays both E2 and retinoic acid (RA)-dependent transcriptional modulation in E2-responsive breast cancers. However, the regulatory elements through which the steroid hormone transcriptional regulation of RET...