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Albuminuria and neck circumference are determinate factors of successful accurate estimation of glomerular filtration rate in high cardiovascular risk patients

Lin, Shih-Tai Chang, Wei-Shiang Lin, Chang Min Chung, Yun-Wen Shih, Fu-Chi Chen, Fu-Kang Hu, Yi-Syuan Wu, Chi-Wen Chang, Chi-Ming Chu. Data curation: Po-Jen Hsiao, Hung-Che Lin, Shih-Tai Chang, Jen ... , Jung-Jung Chang, Fu-Chi Chen, Sui-Lung Su, Chi-Ming Chu. Investigation: Po-Jen Hsiao, Shih-Tai Chang, Jen-Te Hsu, Wei-Shiang Lin, Chang-Min Chung, Kuo-Chun Hung, Yun-Wen Shih, Fu-Kang Hu, Yi-Syuan Wu

Gout, not hyperuricemia alone, impairs left ventricular diastolic function

Introduction Gout is a common metabolic disorder characterized by hyperuricemia and chronic inflammation. Previous studies show that hyperuricemia accelerates the occurrence and worsening of cardiovascular disease due to LV remodeling. However, it is still unclear whether hyperuricemia is the sole contributor to organic heart remodeling in patients with gout. In addition, there...

Impact of Gout on Left Atrial Function: A Prospective Speckle-Tracking Echocardiographic Study

The purpose of our study was to evaluate the left ventricular (LV) and left atrial (LA) function in patients with gout. A total of 173 patients underwent a comprehensive Doppler-echocardiography examination. Participants were divided into four groups–Stage 0: control (n = 35), Stage I: asymptomatic hyperuricemia (n = 30), Stage II: gouty arthritis without tophi (n = 58), and...

Relationship between resistant hypertension and arterial stiffness assessed by brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity in the older patient

Lin,2 Ju-Feng Hsiao,2 Shih-Tai Chang,1 Jen-Te Hsu2,31School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, 2Division of Cardiology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chiayi ... frodm ropF PowerdbyTCPDF( Yu-sheng lin 2 Ju-Feng hsiao 2 shih-Tai Chang 1 Background: Resistant hypertension (RH) is a common clinical condition associated with increased cardiovascular

Impact of Pacemaker Lead Characteristics on Pacemaker Related Infection and Heart Perforation: A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study

Background Several risk factors for pacemaker (PM) related complications have been reported. However, no study has investigated the impact of lead characteristics on pacemaker-related complications. Methods and Results Patients who received a new pacemaker implant from January 1997 to December 2011 were selected from the Taiwan National Health Insurance Database. This population...