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A hub-attachment based method to detect functional modules from confidence-scored protein interactions and expression profiles

Background Many research results show that the biological systems are composed of functional modules. Members in the same module usually have common functions. This is useful information to understand how biological systems work. Therefore, detecting functional modules is an important research topic in the post-genome era. One of functional module detecting methods is to find...

The unique probe selector: a comprehensive web service for probe design and oligonucleotide arrays

Background Nucleic acid hybridization, a fundamental technique in molecular biology, can be modified into very effective and sensitive methods for detecting particular targets mixed with millions of non-target sequences. Therefore, avoiding cross-hybridization is the most crucial issue for developing diagnostic methods based on hybridization. Results To develop a probe with a...

Fly-DPI: database of protein interactomes for D. melanogaster in the approach of systems biology

Background Proteins control and mediate many biological activities of cells by interacting with other protein partners. This work presents a statistical model to predict protein interaction networks of Drosophila melanogaster based on insight into domain interactions. Results Three high-throughput yeast two-hybrid experiments and the collection in FlyBase were used as our...