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Clinical and bacteriological features and prognosis of ascitic fluid infection in Chinese patients with cirrhosis

Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) and bacterascites (BA) represent frequent and serious complications in cirrhosis patients with ascites. However, few detailed data are available regarding the clinical and bacteriological feature of SBP or BA patients in China. We retrospectively analyzed bacteriological and clinical characteristics of patients with SBP and BA at Beijing...

Discovery and characterization of novel smallmolecule agonists of G protein-coupled receptor 119

functions. These compounds are potential candidates to be structurally optimized for the treatment of T2D. Author contribution Xin XIE and Shu-yong ZHANG designed the research; Shu-yong ZHANG performed ... the research; Shu-yong ZHANG, Jing LI, and Xin XIE analyzed the data; and Shu-yong ZHANG and Xin XIE wrote the paper. References 1. Verspohl EJ. Novel pharmacological approaches to the treatment of

Highly lipophilic 3-epi-betulinic acid derivatives as potent and selective TGR5 agonists with improved cellular efficacy

, 14.12, 11.64. HRMS, calcd. (M+Na+) m/e 579.4384, observed 579.3664. Author contribution Fa-jun NAN and Xin XIE designed the research; Xiao-yin WANG, Shu-yong ZHANG, Jing LI, and Hua-nan LIU performed ... Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201203, ChinaXiao-yin Wang, Shu-yong Zhang, Jing Li, Hua-nan Liu, Xin Xie & Fa-jun Nan AuthorsSearch for Xiao-yin Wang in:Nature Research