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Study of Nonlinear Characteristics and Model Based Control for Proportional Electromagnet

The nonlinear characteristics of proportional electromagnet caused by hysteresis bring great difficulties on its accurate position tracking control by current. In order to enhance the practicability and reliability of long stroke electromagnet in case of position sensor fault and improve the position tracking performance during current closed-loop control, experimental...

Inducible ATF3–NFAT axis aggravates podocyte injury

; Injury; Activating transcription factor 3; Nuclear factor of activated T cell - Hong Zhang, Shun Liang and Yue Du contributed equally to this work. Introduction Podocyte injury and loss contribute to

A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Bandwidth Allocation under a User-Grouping Constraint

A new bandwidth allocation model is studied in this paper. In this model, a system, such as a communication network, is composed of a finite number of users, and they compete for limited bandwidth resources. Each user adopts the decision that maximizes his or her own benefit characterized by the utility function. The decision space of each user is subject to constraints. In...

Derrida's Deconstruction and the Rhetoric of Proper Genres in Leonardo and Lessing

In his paper, "Derrida's Deconstruction and the Rhetoric of Proper Genres in Leonardo and Lessing," Shun-liang Chao draws on Derrida's discourse of logocentrism to illuminate the "exorbitant" threads ... Volume CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture ISSN 1481-4374 Purdue University Press ©Purdue University Shun-liang Chao 0 1 0 Thi s document has been made available through Purdue e-Pubs, a

Genomic DNA Copy-Number Alterations of the let-7 Family in Human Cancers

In human cancer, expression of the let-7 family is significantly reduced, and this is associated with shorter survival times in patients. However, the mechanisms leading to let-7 downregulation in cancer are still largely unclear. Since an alteration in copy-number is one of the causes of gene deregulation in cancer, we examined copy number alterations of the let-7 family in 2...

BMSCs reduce rat granulosa cell apoptosis induced by cisplatin and perimenopause

Jun-qi Guo 0 Xia Gao 0 Zhi-jie Lin 0 Wei-zhen Wu 0 Liang-hu Huang Hui-yue Dong Jin Chen Jun Lu Yun-fen Fu Jin Wang Yu-jie Ma Xiao-wen Chen Zhi-xian Wu Fu-qiang He Shun-liang Yang Lian-ming Liao Feng

Expression of Activated PIK3CA in Ovarian Surface Epithelium Results in Hyperplasia but Not Tumor Formation

Background The Phosphatidylinositol 3′-kinase is a key regulator in various cancer-associated signal transduction pathways. Genetic alterations of its catalytic subunit alpha, PIK3CA, have been identified in ovarian cancer. Our in vivo data suggests that PIK3CA activation is one of the early genetic events in ovarian cancer. However, its role in malignant transformation of...

Distinct Expression Levels and Patterns of Stem Cell Marker, Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Isoform 1 (ALDH1), in Human Epithelial Cancers

Aldehyde dehydrogenase isoform 1 (ALDH1) has been proved useful for the identification of cancer stem cells. However, our knowledge of the expression and activity of ALDH1 in common epithelial cancers and their corresponding normal tissues is still largely absent. Therefore, we characterized ALDH1 expression in 24 types of normal tissues and a large collection of epithelial tumor...

Transcriptional Regulation of PIK3CA Oncogene by NF-κB in Ovarian Cancer Microenvironment

Oncogene by NF- kB in Ovarian Cancer Microenvironment Nuo Yang Jia Huang Joel Greshock Shun Liang Andrea Barchetti Kosei Hasegawa Sarah Kim Antonis Giannakakis Chunsheng Li Anne O'Brien-Jenkins Dionyssios