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1. Editorial: Philosophy and Geography

relations of Philosophy and Geography. It will be guest-edited by Ernesto Sferrazza Papa and Simone Mammola, and appear end 2017. In the Editorial we present the contents of the Call, that can also be found ... Geography. It will be guest-edited by Ernesto Sferrazza Papa and Simone Mammola, and appear end 2017. As it is stated in the Call for Papers, the aim of this special issue of the Journal of Interdisciplinary

6. Book Reviews

Reviews of Valery Rees, From Gabriel to Lucifer: A Cultural History of Angels, London-New York 2012; G. R. Evans, First Light. A History of Creation Myths from Gilgamesh to the God Particle, London-New York 2014.

5. Doctor of Rivers. On the Remedies for Facing the Fortune in the Italian Renaissance

Renaissance medicine had the peculiar capacity to integrate in an organic and functional weave even historical and antiquarian competencies next to those properly naturalistic and biological. This is mirrored by the widespread use of medical metaphors in the context of moral and political, civil and technical reflexions. Such is the case also for the management of waters and...

5. Book Reviews

Reviews of C. Beenfeldt, The Philosophical Background and Scientific Legacy of E. B. Titchener’s Psychology. Understanding Introspectionism, Springer 2013; Hyden-Hanscho, Pieper, Stangl (eds.), Cultural exchange and consumption patterns in the Age of Enlightenment: Europe and the Atlantic World, Winkler, 2013; Conforti, Carlino Clericuzio (eds.), Interpretare e curare. Medicina e...

5. Book Reviews

Reviews of J. Astigarraga, Luces y republicanismo. Economía y politica en las Apuntaciones al Genovesi de Ramón de Salas, Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, 2011; M. Bucciantini, M. Camerota, F. Giudice, Il telescopio di Galileo. Una storia europea, Einaudi, 2012; F. Falk, Eine gestische Geschichte der Grenze. Wie der Liberalismus an der Grenze an seine Grenzen...

7. Book reviews

Reviews of M. Matheus et al. (eds.), Le calamità ambientali nel tardo medioevo europeo: realtà, percezioni, reazioni, Firenze University Press, 2010;S.A. Reinert, Translating Empire. Emulation and the Origins of the Political Economy, Harvard University Press, 2011; A. Nicholls and M. Liebscher (eds.), Thinking the Unconscious. Nineteenth-Century German Thought, Cambridge...