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FMRP - G-quadruplex mRNA - miR-125a interactions: Implications for miR-125a mediated translation regulation of PSD-95 mRNA

unaltered gel images used to create Fig 7. (A) Binding experiment performed in KCl. (B) Binding Experiment performed in LiCl. (TIFF) Conceptualization: Brett DeMarco, Snezana Stefanovic, Gary J. Bassell ... , Mihaela Rita Mihailescu. Formal analysis: Brett DeMarco, Snezana Stefanovic, Mihaela Rita Mihailescu. Funding acquisition: Gary J. Bassell, Mihaela Rita Mihailescu. Investigation: Brett DeMarco, Snezana

Hepatitis C virus RNA: molecular switches mediated by long-range RNA–RNA interactions?

Sumangala Shetty 0 Snezana Stefanovic 0 Mihaela Rita Mihailescu 0 0 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Duquesne University , Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA Multiple conserved structural cis