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Last hunters–first farmers: new insight into subsistence strategies in the Central Balkans through multi-isotopic analysis

This paper presents new results of stable isotope analysis made on human and animal bones from Mesolithic–Neolithic sites (9500–5200 cal BC) in the Central Balkans. It reconstructs dietary practices in the Mesolithic and documents the development of new subsistence strategies and regional differences during the process of Neolithisation. We achieved these insights into dietary...

Demography of the Early Neolithic Population in Central Balkans: Population Dynamics Reconstruction Using Summed Radiocarbon Probability Distributions

Sofija Stefanović☯ 0 1 0 Laboratory for Bioarchaeology, Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade , Belgrade , Serbia 1 Editor: David Caramelli, University of Florence

Cranial Age Assessment and Cranial Pathology from the Mesolithic-Neolithic Inhabitants of the Danube Gorges, Serbia.

, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, RS X close Sofija Stefanović, Laboratory for Bioarchaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, RS X close Kevan