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Evaluation of Hirst-type spore traps in outdoor Aspergillaceae monitoring during large demolition work in hospital

Conceptualization: Sophie Tiphaine Loeffert, Philippe Vanhems, Thomas BeÂnet, Marie-Paule Gustin. Formal analysis: Estelle Tissot, Marie-Paule Gustin. Investigation: Sophie Tiphaine Loeffert. Methodology: Sophie ... Tiphaine Loeffert, Estelle Tissot, Michel Perraud, Michel Thibaudon, Marie-Paule Gustin. Project administration: Sophie Tiphaine Loeffert. Resources: Pierre Cassier, Michel Perraud. Software: Marie-Paule

Evaluation of hirst-type spore trap to monitor environmental fungal load in hospital

The main purpose was to validate the use of outdoor-indoor volumetric impaction sampler with Hirst-type spore traps (HTSTs) to continuously monitor fungal load in order to prevent invasive fungal infections during major structural work in hospital settings. For 4 weeks, outdoor fungal loads were quantified continuously by 3 HTSTs. Indoor air was sampled by both HTST and viable...