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Biological mechanisms of gold nanoparticle radiosensitization

There has been growing interest in the use of nanomaterials for a range of biomedical applications over the last number of years. In particular, gold nanoparticles (GNPs) possess a number of unique properties that make them ideal candidates as radiosensitizers on the basis of their strong photoelectric absorption coefficient and ease of synthesis. However, despite promising...

Gold nanoparticles for cancer radiotherapy: a review

Radiotherapy is currently used in around 50% of cancer treatments and relies on the deposition of energy directly into tumour tissue. Although it is generally effective, some of the deposited energy can adversely affect healthy tissue outside the tumour volume, especially in the case of photon radiation (gamma and X-rays). Improved radiotherapy outcomes can be achieved by...

Prevalence of pfmdr1 alleles associated with artemether-lumefantrine tolerance/resistance in Maputo before and after the implementation of artemisinin-based combination therapy

Elsa Lobo 0 Bruno de Sousa Soraia Rosa Paula Figueiredo Lis Lobo Sara Pateira Natercia Fernandes Fatima Nogueira 0 Faculdade de Medicina, Departamento de CienciasFisiologicas, Universidade Eduardo