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Regulation of Sclerostin Production in Human Male Osteocytes by Androgens: Experimental and Clinical Evidence

In this study we aimed to elucidate a possible role of T in the regulation of sclerostin, a glycoprotein secreted by osteocytes known to regulate bone mass. To this end, we evaluated the effect of T stimulation on sclerostin production and gene expression in human cultured osteocytes. In addition, we evaluated serum sclerostin levels in a cohort of 20 hypogonadal male patients...

Molecular and Clinical Characterization of Y Chromosome Microdeletions in Infertile Men: A 10-Year Experience in Italy

Context: An explosive growth in Y chromosome long arm (Yq) microdeletion testing demand for male infertility occurred in the past few years. However, despite the progresses in the biology of this chromosome, a number of molecular and clinical concerns are not supported by definitive data.