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Population structure and genetic bottleneck in sweet cherry estimated with SSRs and the gametophytic self-incompatibility locus

Background Domestication and breeding involve the selection of particular phenotypes, limiting the genomic diversity of the population and creating a bottleneck. These effects can be precisely estimated when the location of domestication is established. Few analyses have focused on understanding the genetic consequences of domestication and breeding in fruit trees. In this study...

Parental participation in progeny and effective population sizes in experimental seed orchards of wild cherry Prunus avium L. (Batsch)

Rural et de la Forêt) ». In Spain, Stéphanie Mariette was supported by the « Ramón y Cajal » program. [1] Burczyk J. , Adams W.T., Moran G.F. , Griffins A.R. , Complex patterns of mating revealed in a