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From patients’ needs to treatment outcomes in psoriasis: Results from the ‘pSORRIDI’ experience

Objective To evaluate results of the ‘pSORRIDI’ experience (which is a prevention campaign to evaluate the prevalence of comorbidities, multidisciplinary needs and appropriateness of the therapeutic approach for comorbidities) in patients already being treated for psoriasis.

Plasma and erythrocyte membrane phospholipids and fatty acids in Italian general population and hemodialysis patients

Background Dyslipidemia and abnormal phospholipid metabolism are frequent in uremic patients and increase their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD): ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) may reduce this risk in the general population. In this study we compared the plasma and erythrocyte cell membrane composition of PUFAs in a group of Caucasian hemodialysis (HD) patients and...

Decreased IRS2 and TIMP3 Expression in Monocytes From Offspring of Type 2 Diabetic Patients Is Correlated With Insulin Resistance and Increased Intima-Media Thickness

Marina Cardellini Rossella Menghini Alessio Luzi Francesca Davato Iris Cardolini Rossella D'Alfonso Paolo Gentileschi Stefano Rizza Maria Adelaide Marini Ottavia Porzio Davide Lauro Paolo Sbraccia

Serum Resistin, Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Mortality in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Background High serum resistin has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in the general population, Only sparse and conflicting results, limited to Asian individuals, have been reported, so far, in type 2 diabetes. We studied the role of serum resistin on coronary artery disease, major cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality in type 2 diabetes...

TIMP3 Is Reduced in Atherosclerotic Plaques From Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes and Increased by SirT1

Marina Cardellini Rossella Menghini Eugenio Martelli Viviana Casagrande Arianna Marino Stefano Rizza Ottavia Porzio Alessandro Mauriello Anna Solini Arnaldo Ippoliti Renato Lauro Franco Folli Massimo

Benfotiamine Counteracts Glucose Toxicity Effects on Endothelial Progenitor Cell Differentiation via Akt/FoxO Signaling

Dysfunction of mature endothelial cells is thought to play a major role in both micro- and macrovascular complications of diabetes. However, recent advances in biology of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) have highlighted their involvement in diabetes complications. To determine the effect of glucotoxicity on EPCs, human EPCs have been isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear...

The ENPP1 Q121 Variant Predicts Major Cardiovascular Events in High-Risk Individuals: Evidence for Interaction With Obesity in Diabetic Patients

Simonetta Bacci Stefano Rizza Sabrina Prudente Belinda Spoto Christine Powers Antonio Facciorusso Antonio Pacilli Davide Lauro Alessandra Testa Yuan-Yuan Zhang Giuseppe Di Stolfo Francesca Mallamaci