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Impact of HIV knowledge and stigma on the uptake of HIV testing – Results from a community-based participatory research survey among migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in Germany

, Pierre Mayamba, Helene BatemonaAbeke, Stephen Amoah, Virginia Wangare Greiner, Taty Dela Bursi. Methodology: Carmen Koschollek, Claudia Santos-HoÈvener, Viviane Bremer. Project administration: Anna Kuehne ... , Carmen Koschollek, Claudia Santos-HoÈvener, Stephen Amoah, Viviane Bremer. Resources: Carmen Koschollek, Claudia Santos-HoÈvener, Adama Thorlie. Supervision: Claudia Santos-HoÈvener, Viviane Bremer

Smoking prevalence differs by location of residence among Ghanaians in Africa and Europe: The RODAM study

Background Although the prevalence of smoking is low in Ghana, little is known about the effect of migration on smoking. Comparing Ghanaians living in their country of origin to those living in Europe offers an opportunity to investigate smoking by location of residence and the associations between smoking behaviours and migration-related factors. Methods Data on a relatively...

Obesity and type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africans – Is the burden in today’s Africa similar to African migrants in Europe? The RODAM study

Background Rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) are impending major threats to the health of African populations, but the extent to which they differ between rural and urban settings in Africa and upon migration to Europe is unknown. We assessed the burden of obesity and T2D among Ghanaians living in rural and urban Ghana and Ghanaian migrants living in different...

A Hypomethylated population of Brassica rapa for forward and reverse Epi-genetics

Background Epigenetic marks superimposed on the DNA sequence of eukaryote chromosomes provide agility and plasticity in terms of modulating gene expression, ontology, and response to the environment. Modulating the methylation status of cytosine can generate epialleles, which have been detected and characterised at specific loci in several plant systems, and have the potential to...

A rich TILLING resource for studying gene function in Brassica rapa

Background The Brassicaceae family includes the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana as well as a number of agronomically important species such as oilseed crops (in particular Brassica napus, B. juncea and B. rapa) and vegetables (eg. B. rapa and B. oleracea). Separated by only 10-20 million years, Brassica species and Arabidopsis thaliana are closely related, and it is expected...