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Socioecological influences on concussion reporting by NCAA Division 1 athletes in high-risk sports

categories to classify organizational values/norms. (DOCX) S3 Table. Survey items used in the study. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Steven R. Corman, Bradley J. Adame, Jiun-Yi Tsai, Scott ... W. Ruston, Joshua S. Beaumont, Jessica K. Kamrath, Yanqin Liu. Data curation: Steven R. Corman, Scott W. Ruston, Jessica K. Kamrath, Yanqin Liu, Karlee A. Posteher, Rikki Tremblay, Lisa J. van

Media Use and Source Trust among Muslims in Seven Countries: Results of a Large Random Sample Survey

additional works at: pp. 25-43 Recommended Citation Author Biography Steven R. Corman is Professor and Director of the Center for Strategic Communication (CSC) in the Hugh

Assessing Two-Mode Semantic Network Story Representations Using a False Memory Paradigm

This paper describes a novel method of representing semantic networks of stories (and other text) as a two-mode graph. This method has some advantages over traditional one-mode semantic networks, but has the potential drawback (shared with n-gram text networks) that it contains paths that are not present in the text. An empirical study was devised using a false memory paradigm to...