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Erythropoietin attenuates motor neuron programmed cell death in a burn animal model

, Shu-Hung Huang. Formal analysis: I-Cheng Lu, Su-Shin Lee. Funding acquisition: Shu-Hung Huang. Investigation: I-Cheng Lu, Su-Shin Lee. Methodology: Aij-Lie Kwan. Project administration: Sheng-Hua Wu

Fat Grafting in Burn Scar Alleviates Neuropathic Pain via Anti-Inflammation Effect in Scar and Spinal Cord

Burn-induced neuropathic pain is complex, and fat grafting has reportedly improved neuropathic pain. However, the mechanism of fat grafting in improving neuropathic pain is unclear. Previous investigations have found that neuroinflammation causes neuropathic pain, and anti-inflammatory targeting may provide potential therapeutic opportunities in neuropathic pain. We hypothesized...