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Delineation of groundwater potential zone in hard rock terrain in Gangajalghati block, Bankura district, India using remote sensing and GIS techniques

This study employed with the integration of remote sensing (RS) and geographical information system (GIS) techniques to delineate ground water potential zones for ground water management of Gangajalghati block, Bankura district, West Bengal and is located on the eastern slope of Chotanagpur plateau and area belongs to predominantly Precambrian gneissic terrain, and small area...

Robust decision making using intuitionistic fuzzy numbers

Robustness is defined as a system’s ability to withstand under disturbances. In real-life applications, where problem parameters are often uncertain, incorporating robustness in decision making is important. In this study, we propose a robust decision making (RDM) approach using intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy number (ITrFN). Fuzzy linguistic quantifier (FLQ) is used in the...

Group multi-criteria decision making using intuitionistic multi-fuzzy sets

In this paper we propose an efficient approach for group multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) based on intuitionistic multi-fuzzy set (IMFS). First we construct intuitionistic multi-fuzzy matrices for decision makers with respect to the criteria (attributes) of the alternatives. Based on intuitionistic multi-fuzzy matrices, we construct the aggregated intuitionistic multi-fuzzy...