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An exploratory phenome wide association study linking asthma and liver disease genetic variants to electronic health records from the Estonian Biobank

diverse electronic medical and research data sources. Author Contributions Data curation: Glen James, Sulev Reisberg. Investigation: Glen James, Sulev Reisberg, Kaido Lepik, Nicholas Galwey, Paul ... Avillach, Liis Kolberg, Reedik Ma?gi, T?nu Esko, Myriam Alexander, Dawn Waterworth, A. Katrina Loomis, Jaak Vilo. Methodology: Glen James, Sulev Reisberg. Validation: Glen James, Sulev Reisberg, Jaak Vilo

g:Profiler—a web server for functional interpretation of gene lists (2016 update)

Functional enrichment analysis is a key step in interpreting gene lists discovered in diverse high-throughput experiments. g:Profiler studies flat and ranked gene lists and finds statistically significant Gene Ontology terms, pathways and other gene function related terms. Translation of hundreds of gene identifiers is another core feature of g:Profiler. Since its first...

Identifying Cases of Type 2 Diabetes in Heterogeneous Data Sources: Strategy from the EMIF Project

Due to the heterogeneity of existing European sources of observational healthcare data, data source-tailored choices are needed to execute multi-data source, multi-national epidemiological studies. This makes transparent documentation paramount. In this proof-of-concept study, a novel standard data derivation procedure was tested in a set of heterogeneous data sources...