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Gut microbiota and their putative metabolic functions in fragmented Bengal tiger population of Nepal

Conceptualization: Dibesh Karmacharya. Data curation: Dibesh Karmacharya, Prajwol Manandhar, Sulochana Manandhar, Adarsh M. Sherchan, Ajay N. Sharma, Jyoti Joshi, Manisha Bista, Nagendra P. Awasthi, Netra Sharma ... : Dibesh Karmacharya, Prajwol Manandhar, Sulochana Manandhar, Adarsh M. Sherchan, Lisette P. Waits, Nicholas M. Fountain-Jones. Funding acquisition: Dibesh Karmacharya. Investigation: Dibesh Karmacharya

Assessment of genetic diversity, population structure, and gene flow of tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) across Nepal's Terai Arc Landscape

University of Idaho Laboratory for Ecological, Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics for laboratory assistance. Data curation: Kanchan Thapa, Sulochana Manandhar, Manisha Bista, Jivan Shakya, Govind Sah ... , Claudia Wultsch, Lisette P. Waits, Marcella J. Kelly, Dibesh Karmacharya. Formal analysis: Kanchan Thapa, Sulochana Manandhar, Jivan Shakya, Govind Sah, Lisette P. Waits, Dibesh Karmacharya. Funding

Prevalence of HIV, Hepatitis B and C Infections and an Assessment of HCV-Genotypes and Two IL28B SNPs among People Who Inject Drugs in Three Regions of Nepal

As part of a comprehensive health care programme for people who use drugs in Nepal, HIV and viral hepatitis B and C status—including risk factors, HCV-genotypes and co-infections—as well as two IL28B Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were assessed for a random sample of 401 people who inject drugs in three regions of Nepal: mid-western Terrai (Nepalgunj), the eastern region...

A study on relapse/re-infection rate of Plasmodium vivax malaria and identification of the predominant genotypes of P. vivax in two endemic districts of Nepal

Background Malaria is a major public health problem in Nepal inflicted primarily by the parasite Plasmodium vivax, - the only species responsible for relapse cases in Nepal. Knowledge on its relapse rate is important for successful malaria control, but is lacking in Nepal. The information on circulating predominant genotypes of P. vivax is equally relevant for high endemic...

Surveillance of Influenza A Virus and Its Subtypes in Migratory Wild Birds of Nepal

Nepal boarders India and China and all three countries lie within the Central Asian Flyway for migratory birds. Novel influenza A H7N9 caused human fatalities in China in 2013. Subclinical infections of influenza A H7N9 in birds and the potential for virus dispersal by migratory birds prompted this study to assess avian H7N9 viral intrusion into Nepal. Surveillance of influenza A...

Cholera outbreaks (2012) in three districts of Nepal reveal clonal transmission of multi-drug resistant Vibrio cholerae O1

Background Although endemic cholera causes significant morbidity and mortality each year in Nepal, lack of information about the causal bacterium often hinders cholera intervention and prevention. In 2012, diarrheal outbreaks affected three districts of Nepal with confirmed cases of mortality. This study was designed to understand the drug response patterns, source, and...