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Exploiting the “video game craze”: A case study of the tobacco industry’s use of video games as a marketing tool

. Forsyth. Data curation: Patricia A. McDaniel. 9 / 15 Formal analysis: Patricia A. McDaniel, Susan R. Forsyth. Funding acquisition: Patricia A. McDaniel. Methodology: Patricia A. McDaniel. Project ... administration: Patricia A. McDaniel. Supervision: Patricia A. McDaniel. Validation: Patricia A. McDaniel. Writing ? original draft: Patricia A. McDaniel. Writing ? review & editing: Susan R. Forsyth. 10 / 15

Conflicts of interest and critiques of the use of systematic reviews in policymaking: an analysis of opinion articles

Background Strong opinions for or against the use of systematic reviews to inform policymaking have been published in the medical literature. The purpose of this paper was to examine whether funding sources and author financial conflicts of interest were associated with whether an opinion article was supportive or critical of the use of systematic reviews for policymaking. We...