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HIV induces production of IL-18 from intestinal epithelial cells that increases intestinal permeability and microbial translocation

Diseases Network (Quebec) for administrative coordination for obtaining blood specimens from HIV-infected patients. Conceptualization: Ali Ahmad. Data curation: Ossama Allam, Suzanne Samarani, Mohammad-Ali ... Jenabian. Formal analysis: Ossama Allam, Suzanne Samarani, Devendra Amre, Ali Ahmad. Funding acquisition: Ali Ahmad. Investigation: Ossama Allam. Methodology: Vikram Mehraj, Mohammad-Ali Jenabian. Project

HIV-1 causes an imbalance in the production of interleukin-18 and its natural antagonist in HIV-infected individuals: Implications for enhanced viral replication

Background. Concentrations of interleukin (IL)-18 increase in the circulation of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected persons. However, nothing is known concerning the regulation of IL-18-binding protein (IL-18BP), which neutralizes IL-18 in vivo. This issue is addressed in the present study. Methods. Serum samples obtained from healthy subjects and HIV-infected patients...