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Phenotypic, biochemical and genomic variability in generations of the rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) mutant lines obtained via chemical mutagenesis

, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, RF) for SEM technical assistance. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Alexandra V. Amosova, Svyatoslav A. Zoshchuk, Valentina A. Lemesh ... , Olga V. Muravenko. Formal analysis: Alexandra V. Amosova, Svyatoslav A. Zoshchuk, Valentina T. Volovik, Anna V. Shirokova, Nickolai E. Horuzhiy, Galina V. Mozgova, Olga Yu. Yurkevich, Margarita A

Comparative molecular cytogenetic characterization of seven Deschampsia (Poaceae) species

(Poaceae), especially tribe Aveneae . Plant Syst Evol. 2007b; 264 : 75 ± 100 . 27. Amosova AV , Bolsheva NL , Samatadze TE , Twardovska MO , Svyatoslav A . Zoshchuk SA , Andreev IO , Badaeva ED , Kunakh VA

Molecular Cytogenetic Analysis of Deschampsia antarctica Desv. (Poaceae), Maritime Antarctic

Deschampsia antarctica Desv. (Poaceae) (2n = 26) is one of the two vascular plants adapted to the harshest environment of the Antarctic. Although the species is a valuable model for study of environmental stress tolerance in plants, its karyotype is still poorly investigated. We firstly conducted a comprehensive molecular cytogenetic analysis of D. antarctica collected on four...