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Increased plasma levels of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide are associated with decreased postprandial energy expenditure after modern Japanese meals

PurposeThe nutritional changes that have accompanied the modernization of Japanese dietary patterns have led to significant increases in the number of people who are overweight or obese. This study aimed to clarify the effects of these nutritional changes on postprandial energy expenditure and the release of metabolism-regulating hormones.MethodsThe total daily energy content (20...

Body Fat Accumulation in Zebrafish Is Induced by a Diet Rich in Fat and Reduced by Supplementation with Green Tea Extract

Fat-rich diets not only induce obesity in humans but also make animals obese. Therefore, animals that accumulate body fat in response to a high-fat diet (especially rodents) are commonly used in obesity research. The effect of dietary fat on body fat accumulation is not fully understood in zebrafish, an excellent model of vertebrate lipid metabolism. Here, we explored the effects...

Daily consumption of milk fat globule membrane plus habitual exercise improves physical performance in healthy middle-aged adults

Our recent studies demonstrated that habitual exercise plus dietary supplementation with milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) improved endurance capacity and muscle function by stimulating neuromuscular development in mice. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of dietary MFGM supplementation plus habitual exercise on the physical performance of middle-aged Japanese...

Coffee polyphenols exert hypocholesterolemic effects in zebrafish fed a high-cholesterol diet

Shinichi Meguro 0 Takahiro Hasumura 0 Tadashi Hase 0 0 Biological Science Research, Kao Corporation , 2606 Akabane, Ichikai-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi 321-3497 , Japan Background ... . Tadashi Hase DVM is a Vice-President with responsibility for R&D Biological Science Research at Kao Corporation. Dr. Hases research focus is lipid metabolism, nutrition, and health science

Effects of Exercise and Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) Supplementation on Body Composition, Physical Function, and Hematological Parameters in Community-Dwelling Frail Japanese Women: A Randomized Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Follow-Up Trial

/ insulin-like Ota, Akira Shimotoyodome and Tadashi Hase are employed by Kao Corporation. Kao Corporation provided support in the form of salaries for authors NO, AS and TH, but did not have any additional ... . Competing Interests: The authors have the following interests: Co-authors Noriyasu Ota, Akira Shimotoyodome and Tadashi Hase are employed by Kao Corporation. Kao Corporation provided the MFGM supplementation

Habitual exercise plus dietary supplementation with milk fat globule membrane improves muscle function deficits via neuromuscular development in senescence-accelerated mice

beneficial food compositions. Atsuko Otsuka is a research scientist at the R&D - Biological Science Research of Kao Corporation. Mrs. Otsuka’s research focus is on muscle biology for health. Tadashi Hase DVM

Antihypertensive Effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Mildly Hypertensive Subjects

A water-soluble green coffee bean extract (GCE) has been shown to be effective against hypertension in both spontaneously hypertensive rats and humans. This multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study evaluated the dose-response relationship of GCE in 117 male volunteers with mild hypertension. Subjects were randomized into four groups: a...