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A Note on Belief Reports and Context Dependence

The aim of this paper is to pose a problem for theories that claim that belief reports are context dependent. Firstly, I argue that the claim (interpreted in the spirit of moderate contextualism) is committed to verbalism, a theory that derives the context sensitivity of belief reports from the context sensitivity of the psychological verbs used in such reports. Secondly, I argue...

Attitudes and Normativity

The paper attempts to pose a problem for theories claiming that intentional attributions are essentially normative. Firstly, I argue that the claim is ambiguous. Secondly, that three possible interpretations of the claim can be distinguished: one that appeals to normative impositions put on agents of intentional states, another that exploits the fact that one can normatively...

O Czerwonym Śledziu : recenzja książki "Zależność kontekstowa. Wprowadzenie do problematyki"

2082-6710 - recenzja ksi??ki: Zale?no?? kontekstowa. Wprowadzenie do problematyki autor ksi??ki: Tadeusz Ciecierski wydawnictwo: O?rodek Bada? Filozoficznych rok wydania: 2011 liczba stron: 197 B

Niby-fakty i niby-mity

ile deskrypcje w og?le posiadaj? funkcj? referencji. Jest to sprawa kontrowesyjna. nych istotne jest ustalenie, czy Tadeusz Ciecierski jest w tych kontrfaktycznych okoliczno?ciach starszy od Lepolda ... , je?li i tylko je?li: Tadeusz Ciecierski jest starszy od Leopolda Hessa (kimkolwiek nie by?aby ta osoba). albo zdanie (*) jest prawdziwe, je?li i tylko je?li: (*)?? Tadeusz Ciecierski jest starszy od

The Polish School of Argumentation: A Manifesto

Building on our diverse research traditions in the study of reasoning, language and communication, the Polish School of Argumentation integrates various disciplines and institutions across Poland in which scholars are dedicated to understanding the phenomenon of the force of argument. Our primary goal is to craft a methodological programme and establish organisational...