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Redox titration challenge

system separated from its environment by diathermal walls with processes occurring therein in quasistatic manner under isothermal * Tadeusz Michałowski which is taken as an independent variable. The

Solution to Mohr’s method challenge

K1A 0R6 3 Tadeusz Michałowski This challenge explores the precise endpoint location in Mohr's titration of sodium chloride with silver nitrate, in the presence of potassium chromate as indicator. First

Mohr’s method challenge

Hospital in Cracow , 31-501 Cracow , Poland 2 National Research Council Canada , 1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON , Canada K1A 0R6 3 Tadeusz Michałowski We would like to invite you to participate in the

Dynamic Buffer Capacity in Acid–Base Systems

buffers, taken as examples. Acid-base equilibria; Buffer capacity; Titration 1 Introduction & Tadeusz Michałowski 2 Definition of Dynamic Buffer Capacity In this work, the buffer capacity is defined