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Regulation of centriolar satellite integrity and its physiology

Centriolar satellites comprise cytoplasmic granules that are located around the centrosome. Their molecular identification was first reported more than a quarter of a century ago. These particles are not static in the cell but instead constantly move around the centrosome. Over the last decade, significant advances in their molecular compositions and biological functions have...

Alp7/TACC recruits kinesin-8–PP1 to the Ndc80 kinetochore protein for timely mitotic progression and chromosome movement

Ngang Heok Tang ( 0 Takashi Toda ) 0 0 Laboratory of Cell Regulation, Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute , Lincoln's Inn Fields Laboratories, 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PX , UK

Fission Yeast Nod1 Is a Component of Cortical Nodes Involved in Cell Size Control and Division Site Placement

Most cells enter mitosis once they have reached a defined size. In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, mitotic entry is orchestrated by a geometry-sensing mechanism that involves the Cdk1/Cdc2-inhibiting Wee1 kinase. The factors upstream of Wee1 gather together in interphase to form a characteristic medial and cortical belt of nodes. Nodes are also considered to be...

Coordinated Degradation of Replisome Components Ensures Genome Stability upon Replication Stress in the Absence of the Replication Fork Protection Complex

The stabilization of the replisome complex is essential in order to achieve highly processive DNA replication and preserve genomic integrity. Conversely, it would also be advantageous for the cell to abrogate replisome functions to prevent inappropriate replication when fork progression is adversely perturbed. However, such mechanisms remain elusive. Here we report that...

Polypeptone Induces Dramatic Cell Lysis in ura4 Deletion Mutants of Fission Yeast

ura4 is widely used as a selection marker in S. pombe, caution needs to be taken when evaluating phenotypes of ura4 mutants. - Competing Interests: One of co-authors, Takashi Toda, is an editor of PLOS

Fission Yeast 26S Proteasome Mutants Are Multi-Drug Resistant Due to Stabilization of the Pap1 Transcription Factor

Here we report the result of a genetic screen for mutants resistant to the microtubule poison methyl benzimidazol-2-yl carbamate (MBC) that were also temperature sensitive for growth. In total the isolated mutants were distributed in ten complementation groups. Cloning experiments revealed that most of the mutants were in essential genes encoding various 26S proteasome subunits...

Studies on Terpenoids Produced by Actinomycetes

As a result of screening for terpenoids produced by marine-derived Streptomyces sp. MS239, two new terpenoids named 5-dimethylallylindole-3-carboxylic acid and A80915G-8″-acid were isolated and their structures were determined mainly by NMR analyses.

Ribonuclease Activity of Dis3 Is Required for Mitotic Progression and Provides a Possible Link between Heterochromatin and Kinetochore Function

BackgroundCellular RNA metabolism has a broad range of functional aspects in cell growth and division, but its role in chromosome segregation during mitosis is only poorly understood. The Dis3 ribonuclease is a key component of the RNA-processing exosome complex. Previous isolation of the dis3-54 cold-sensitive mutant of fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe suggested that Dis3...

Topoisomerase III is essential for accurate nuclear division in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Topoisomerases catalyse changes in the topological state of DNA and are required for many aspects of DNA metabolism. While the functions of topoisomerases I and II in eukaryotes are well established, the role of topoisomerase III remains poorly defined. We have identified a gene in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, designated top3+, which shows significant sequence...