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Cost effectiveness of patient education for the prevention of falls in hospital: economic evaluation from a randomized controlled trial

8 Sandra G Brauer 7 Tammy Hoffmann 6 7 Christopher Etherton-Beer 5 Steven M McPhail 0 1 0 Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and School of Public Health and Social Work, Queensland

Establishing a library of resources to help people understand key concepts in assessing treatment claims—The “Critical thinking and Appraisal Resource Library” (CARL)

Austvoll-Dahlgren, Lena Nordheim, L. Kendall Krause, Paola Mosconi, Tammy Hoffmann, Leila Cusack, Loai Albarqouni. Methodology: John C. Castle, Iain Chalmers, Douglas Badenoch, Andrew D. Oxman, Astrid ... Woloshin, Amanda Burls, Paola Mosconi, Tammy Hoffmann, Leila Cusack, Loai Albarqouni. Software: John C. Castle, Patricia Atkinson, Douglas Badenoch. Supervision: Andrew D. Oxman, Astrid Austvoll-Dahlgren

Reducing the psychosocial impact of aphasia on mood and quality of life in people with aphasia and the impact of caregiving in family members through the Aphasia Action Success Knowledge (Aphasia ASK) program: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Background People with aphasia and their family members are at high risk of experiencing post stroke depression. The impact of early interventions on mood and quality of life for people with aphasia is unknown. Methods/design This study will determine whether an early intervention for both the person with aphasia after stroke and their family members leads to better mood and...