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Magnitude of stunting and its determinants in children aged 6–59 months among rural residents of Damot Gale district; southern Ethiopia

ObjectiveThe objective of this study is assessing magnitude of stunting and its predictors among children aged 6–59 months in Damot Gale district, South Ethiopia. Community based cross sectional study was done at Damot Gale district. About 398 children aged 6–59 months were included in the study. Kebele (small administrative unit) and household were chosen by two-phase cluster...

Knowledge, attitude and practice for cervical cancer prevention and control among women of childbearing age in Hossana Town, Hadiya zone, Southern Ethiopia: Community-based cross-sectional study

Ayanto. Formal analysis: Yitagesu Habtu Aweke, Samuel Yohannes Ayanto, Tariku Laelago Ersado. Investigation: Yitagesu Habtu Aweke, Samuel Yohannes Ayanto. Methodology: Yitagesu Habtu Aweke. Project ... administration: Yitagesu Habtu Aweke. Software: Yitagesu Habtu Aweke. Supervision: Tariku Laelago Ersado. Writing ± original draft: Yitagesu Habtu Aweke, Samuel Yohannes Ayanto. Writing ± review & editing