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Possible causes of divergent population trends in sympatric African herbivores

. Bartlam-Brooks. Data curation: Emily Bennitt, Tatjana Y. Hubel. Formal analysis: Emily Bennitt. Funding acquisition: Emily Bennitt, Alan M. Wilson. Methodology: Emily Bennitt. Resources: Tatjana Y ... . Hubel, Hattie L. A. Bartlam-Brooks, Alan M. Wilson. Writing ? original draft: Emily Bennitt. Writing ? review & editing: Tatjana Y. Hubel, Hattie L. A. Bartlam-Brooks, Alan M. Wilson. 15 / 19 16 / 19 17

Cheetah Reunion – The Challenge of Finding Your Friends Again

Animals navigate their environment using a variety of senses and strategies. This multiplicity enables them to respond to different navigational requirements resulting from habitat, scale and purpose. One of the challenges social animals face is how to reunite after periods of separation. We explore a variety of possible mechanisms used to reunite the members of a cheetah...

Vaulting mechanics successfully predict decrease in walk–run transition speed with incline

Tatjana Y. Hubel James R. Usherwood Articles on similar topics can be found in the following collections Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article - sign up in the box at the

Energetically optimal running requires torques about the centre of mass

James R. Usherwood ) 0 Tatjana Y. Hubel 0 0 Structure and Motion Laboratory, The Royal Veterinary College, University of London , North Mymms, Hatfield, Herts AL9 7TA, UK Receive free email alerts ... James R. Usherwood* and Tatjana Y. Hubel Bipedal animals experience ground reaction forces (GRFs) that pass close to the centre of mass (CoM) throughout stance, first decelerating the body, then re