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CD4 count recovery and associated factors among individuals enrolled in the South African antiretroviral therapy programme: An analysis of national laboratory based data

. Data curation: Sergio Carmona, Jacob Bor. Formal analysis: Tendesayi Kufa, Zara Shubber, William MacLeod, Simbarashe Takuva, Jeffrey W. Eaton. Funding acquisition: Marelize Gorgens, Nicole Fraser-Hurt ... . Methodology: Tendesayi Kufa, Zara Shubber, William MacLeod, Simbarashe Takuva, Sergio Carmona, Adrian Puren, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Nicole Fraser-Hurt. Validation: Jacob Bor. Writing ? original draft: Tendesayi

Trends in the relative prevalence of genital ulcer disease pathogens and association with HIV infection in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2007–2015

, David A. Lewis. Data curation: Tendesayi Kufa-Chakezha. Formal analysis: Ranmini S. Kularatne, Tendesayi Kufa-Chakezha. Investigation: Etienne E. Muller, Dumisile V. Maseko. Methodology: Etienne E ... Kufa-Chakezha, David A. Lewis. Writing ± original draft: Ranmini S. Kularatne. Writing ± review & editing: Ranmini S. Kularatne, Etienne E. Muller, Dumisile V. Maseko, Tendesayi Kufa-Chakezha, David A

The incidence of tuberculosis among hiv-positive individuals with high CD4 counts: implications for policy

Background Intensified case finding (ICF) and earlier antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation are strategies to reduce burden of HIV-associated tuberculosis (TB). We describe incidence of and associated factors for TB among HIV-positive individuals with CD4 counts > 350 cells/μl in South Africa. Methods Prospective cohort study of individuals recruited for a TB vaccine trial...

Incidence of HIV-Associated Tuberculosis among Individuals Taking Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Background Knowledge of tuberculosis incidence and associated factors is required for the development and evaluation of strategies to reduce the burden of HIV-associated tuberculosis. Methods Systematic literature review and meta-analysis of tuberculosis incidence rates among HIV-infected individuals taking combination antiretroviral therapy. Results From PubMed, EMBASE and...