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Contact with adult hen affects development of caecal microbiota in newly hatched chicks

would like to thank Peter Eggenhuizen for English language corrections. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Tereza Kubasova, Alois Cizek, Ivan Rychlik. Data curation: Tereza Kubasova, Miloslava ... Kollarcikova, Magdalena Crhanova, Daniela Karasova, Marcela Faldynova. Karasova, Darina Cejkova. Funding acquisition: Ivan Rychlik. Formal analysis: Tereza Kubasova, Miloslava Kollarcikova, Magdalena Crhanova

Effects of host genetics and environmental conditions on fecal microbiota composition of pigs

: Tereza Kubasova, Lenka Davidova-Gerzova, Vladimir Babak, Ivan Rychlik. Formal analysis: Tereza Kubasova, Ivan Rychlik. Funding acquisition: Nathalie Le-Floc'h, Ivan Rychlik. Investigation: Lenka Davidova ... -Gerzova, Nathalie Le-Floc'h. Methodology: Lenka Davidova-Gerzova, Darina Cejkova, Lucile Montagne. Software: Tereza Kubasova, Darina Cejkova. Writing ? original draft: Ivan Rychlik. Writing ? review

Housing Systems Influence Gut Microbiota Composition of Sows but Not of Their Piglets

Different housing systems can be used in pig production and little is known about their effect on gut microbiota composition. In this study we characterized fecal microbiota by sequencing the rRNA genes in sows kept during gestation in conventional pens with a slatted floor and in enriched pens with a floor covered with deep straw. After farrowing, microbiota of 1- and 4-day-old...

Antibiotic Resistance, Core-Genome and Protein Expression in IncHI1 Plasmids in Salmonella Typhimurium

Conjugative plasmids from the IncHI1 incompatibility group play an important role in transferring antibiotic resistance in Salmonella Typhimurium. However, knowledge of their genome structure or gene expression is limited. In this study, we determined the complete nucleotide sequences of four IncHI1 plasmids transferring resistance to antibiotics by two different next generation...