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Correction: Potential 'Ecological Traps' of Restored Landscapes: Koalas Phascolarctos cinereus Re-Occupy a Rehabilitated Mine Site

Frère The PLOS ONE Staff The authors and PLOS ONE staff wish to amend the Competing Interests Statement for Dr. Romane Cristescu for this article,[1] which should have included additional information in

Correction: Occupational Screening for Tuberculosis and the Use of a Borderline Zone for Interpretation of the IGRA in German Healthcare Workers

. Ringshausen Alexandra M. Preisser Claudia Peters The PLOS ONE Staff Following publication of this article, it was brought to the attention of PLOS ONE editors that there were circumstances related to this work

Correction: Are Regional Habitat Models Useful at a Local-Scale? A Case Study of Threatened and Common Insectivorous Bats in South-Eastern Australia

ONE Staff Figure 6 is incorrect. The authors have provided a corrected probability of occurrence maps [25] presented at the local-scale of the - study for Mormopterus norfolkensis and Mormopterus

Correction: Association between Ambient Temperature and Blood Pressure and Blood Pressure Regulators: 1831 Hypertensive Patients Followed Up for Three Years

Three Years The PLOS ONE Staff Table S1. Stratified analyses of temperature-BP association (regression coefficients). The significant interactions found in multilevel models were further examined by

Correction: NADPH Oxidase 4 Deficiency Reduces Aquaporin-2 mRNA Expression in Cultured Renal Collecting Duct Principal Cells via Increased PDE3 and PDE4 Activity

PDE4 Activity The PLOS ONE Staff There are multiple errors in the third paragraph of the Introduction. The third paragraph should read: "In addition to their bactericidal activities in phagocytic cells