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Flexible Patterns of Place for Function-based Search of Space (Short Paper)

International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries , pages 280 - 290 . Springer , 2000 . Emmanuel Papadakis and Thomas Blaschke . Place-based GIS: Functional Space. Proceedings of the 4th AGILE ... PhD School , 2088 , 2017 . Emmanuel Papadakis and Thomas Blaschke . Composition of Place: Components and Object Properties . International Journal of Geo-information , 2018 . Submitted, under review

A new GIS-based data mining technique using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and k-fold cross-validation approach for land subsidence susceptibility mapping

(Department of Remote Sensing and GIS, University of Tabriz). Author contributions Omid Ghorbanzadeh conceived the study, drafted most of the manuscript, performed the model and the statistical analysis. Thomas ... Blaschke structured the manuscript, helped with language formulations and wrote parts of the discussion and conclusion section. Hashem Rostamzadeh and Khalil Gholaminia supported the main author with the

Molecular de-novo design through deep reinforcement learning

This work introduces a method to tune a sequence-based generative model for molecular de novo design that through augmented episodic likelihood can learn to generate structures with certain specified desirable properties. We demonstrate how this model can execute a range of tasks such as generating analogues to a query structure and generating compounds predicted to be active...

Deprivation, Healthcare Accessibility and Satisfaction: Geographical Context and Scale Implications

Indices explaining health phenomena are important tools for identifying and investigating health inequalities and to support policy making. Some of these indices are expressed at area-level, and the investigation of the areal influences of these indices on individual health outcomes have scale and geographical contextual implications that need to be assessed. In this study we...

Explaining Accessibility and Satisfaction Related to Healthcare: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Accessibility and satisfaction related to healthcare services are conceived as multidimensional concepts. These concepts can be studied using objective and subjective measures. In this study, we created two indices: a composite healthcare accessibility index (CHCA) and a composite healthcare satisfaction index (CHCS). To calculate the CHCA index we used three indicators based on...

A multi-criteria spatial deprivation index to support health inequality analyses

Background Deprivation indices are useful measures to analyze health inequalities. There are several methods to construct these indices, however, few studies have used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Multi-Criteria methods to construct a deprivation index. Therefore, this study applies Multi-Criteria Evaluation to calculate weights for the indicators that make up the...