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Punishing Wrongs from the Distant Past

On a Parfit-inspired account of culpability, as the psychological connections between a person’s younger self and older self weaken, the older self’s culpability for a wrong committed by the younger self diminishes. Suppose we accept this account and also accept a culpability-based upper limit on punishment severity. On this combination of views, we seem forced to conclude that...

The moral obligation to be vaccinated: utilitarianism, contractualism, and collective easy rescue

Grant (203132/Z/16/Z). Thomas Douglas received funding from the Uehiro Foundation of Ethics and Education;  Julian Savulescu’s work was funded by the Wellcome Trust grant 104848/Z/14/Z. The authors would

Two Ways to Frustrate a Desire

in each case possesses some feature or features that render it Thomas Douglas 1 To clarify, the spray has no other effect apart from extinguishing this desire. Also, we assume for the sake of

Nonconsensual Neurocorrectives and Bodily Integrity: a Reply to Shaw and Barn

Right to Bodily Integrity and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Through Medical Interventions: A Reply to Thomas Douglas. Neuroethics this issue . 3. Barn , Gulzaar. 2016 . Medical Interventions as

Taxing Meat: Taking Responsibility for One’s Contribution to Antibiotic Resistance

animal products obtained with the use of antibiotics. Acknowledgements Research by Alberto Giubilini, Thomas Douglas, Julian Savulescu, and Hannah Maslen was supported by the Oxford Martin Programme

The dual-use problem, scientific isolationism and the division of moral labour

The dual-use problem is an ethical quandary sometimes faced by scientists and others in a position to influence the creation or dissemination of scientific knowledge. It arises when (i) an agent is considering whether to pursue some project likely to result in the creation or dissemination of scientific knowledge, (ii) that knowledge could be used in both morally desirable and...

Criminal Rehabilitation Through Medical Intervention: Moral Liability and the Right to Bodily Integrity

Thomas Douglas 0 0 T. Douglas (&) Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford , Suite 8, Littlegate House, St Ebbes Street, Oxford OX1 1PT, UK Criminal

Enhancing Moral Conformity and Enhancing Moral Worth

Thomas Douglas 0 0 T. Douglas Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford , Oxford, UK 1 ) Balliol College , Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BJ, UK It is ... interventions that has been defended by Thomas Douglas. Douglas argues that it would sometimes be permissible for individuals to directly influence their emotionsfor example, through the use of neurally active

The Relationship Between Effort and Moral Worth: Three Amendments to Sorensen’s Model

Thomas Douglas 0 ) Balliol College, University of Oxford , Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BJ, UK Kelly Sorensen defends a model of the relationship between effort and moral worth in which the effort

Procreative beneficence and in vitro gametogenesis

cells, or 33 Ibid . 34 Thomas Douglas and Julian Savulescu, 'Using Unwanted Embryos in Research ', EMBO Reports 10 (4), 2009. 307-12. naturally-produced sperm from a fertile male, could then be screened

Human enhancement and supra-personal moral status

Thomas Douglas 0 0 T. Douglas (&) Balliol College, University of Oxford , Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BJ, UK Several authors have speculated that (1) the pharmaceutical, genetic or other

Sources and sinks of carbon in boreal ecosystems of interior Alaska: A review

Boreal ecosystems store large quantities of carbon but are increasingly vulnerable to carbon loss due to disturbance and climate warming. The boreal region in Alaska and Canada, largely underlain by discontinuous permafrost, presents a challenging landscape for itemizing carbon sources and sinks in soil and vegetation. The roles of fire, forest succession, and the presence (or...

Coercion, Incarceration, and Chemical Castration: An Argument From Autonomy

In several jurisdictions, sex offenders may be offered chemical castration as an alternative to further incarceration. In some, agreement to chemical castration may be made a formal condition of parole or release. In others, refusal to undergo chemical castration can increase the likelihood of further incarceration though no formal link is made between the two. Offering chemical...

Visual acuity and refraction by age for children of three different ethnic groups in Paraguay

três grupos étnicos diferentes no Paraguai     Marissa Janine CarterI; Van Charles LansinghII; Gisela SchachtIII; Miguel Río del AmoV; Miguel ScalamognaIII; Thomas Douglas FranceIV IStrategic