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Distribution of Protein Content and Number of Aggregates in Monoclonal Antibody Formulation After Large-Scale Freezing

Cryoconcentration of an in-house IgG1 and number of aggregates in a formulation containing trehalose were determined in dependence on freezing protocol and volume. Morphology changes of ice crystals depending on cooling rates were captured by optical cryomicroscopy (OCM) images. UV-Vis and affinity chromatography (ALC) was used to determine protein content and size-exclusion...

Impact of Buffer, Protein Concentration and Sucrose Addition on the Aggregation and Particle Formation during Freezing and Thawing

Ljubljana , Slovenia 3 Lek Mengeš , 1234 Mengeš , Slovenia 4 Thomas Loerting 5 ABBREVIATIONS DLS Dynamic light scattering DSC Differential scanning calorimetry FT Freeze and thaw mAb Monoclonal antibody MFI

Prediction of the structure of human Janus kinase 2 (JAK2) comprising the two carboxy-terminal domains reveals a mechanism for autoregulation

The structure of human Janus kinase 2 (JAK2) comprising the two C-terminal domains (JH1 and JH2) was predicted by application of homology modelling techniques. JH1 and JH2 represent the tyrosine kinase and tyrosine kinase-like domains, respectively, and are crucial for function and regulation of the protein. A comparison between the structures of the two domains is made and...