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Sex difference in open-water swimming—The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming 1875-2017

, Beat Knechtle. Writing ? original draft: Beat Knechtle. Writing ? review & editing: Pantelis Theodoros Nikolaidis, Stefania Di Gangi, Fabio Valeri, Thomas Rosemann, Beat Knechtle. 14 / 15 1

Anxiety, depression symptoms, and physical activity levels of eutrophic and excess-weight Brazilian elite police officers: a preliminary study

Anceschi,1 André V Rosa,1 Ana P Lima-Leopoldo,1 André S Leopoldo,1 Weverton Rufo-Tavares,1 Marilia S Andrade,3 Pantelis T Nikolaidis,4 Thomas Rosemann,5 Beat Knechtle5 1Departamento de Desportos, Centro de

Improvements in primary care skills and knowledge with a vocational training program – a pre–post survey

Improvements in primary care skills and knowledge with a vocational training program - a pre-post survey Sima Djalali, Ryan Tandjung, Thomas Rosemann, Stefan Markun Institute of Primary Care

Referral determinants in Swiss primary care with a special focus on managed care

Contributions Conceptualization: Ryan Tandjung, Andreas Haefeli, Thomas Rosemann, Oliver Senn. Data curation: Seraina Morell, Andreas Hanhart, Fabio Valeri. Formal analysis: Andreas Hanhart, Fabio Valeri ... . Funding acquisition: Ryan Tandjung, Thomas Rosemann, Oliver Senn. Investigation: Ryan Tandjung. Methodology: Ryan Tandjung, Andreas Hanhart, Andreas Haefeli, Thomas Rosemann, Oliver Senn. Project

Comparing the self-perceived quality of life of multimorbid patients and the general population using the EQ-5D-3L

success of the national study on Multimorbidity in Family Medicine. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Alexandra A. N'Goran, Anouk DeÂruaz-Luyet, Dagmar M. Haller, Andreas Zeller, Thomas Rosemann ... Rosemann, Sven Streit, Lilli Herzig. Writing ± original draft: Alexandra A. N'Goran. Writing ± review & editing: Alexandra A. N'Goran, Anouk DeÂruaz-Luyet, Dagmar M. Haller, Andreas Zeller, Thomas Rosemann

How to Fairly Allocate Scarce Medical Resources: Ethical Argumentation under Scrutiny by Health Professionals and Lay People

Background Societies are facing medical resource scarcities, inter alia due to increased life expectancy and limited health budgets and also due to temporal or continuous physical shortages of resources like donor organs. This makes it challenging to meet the medical needs of all. Ethicists provide normative guidance for how to fairly allocate scarce medical resources, but...

Ice swimming and changes in body core temperature: a case study

Introduction ‘Ice Mile’ swimming is a new discipline in open-water swimming introduced in 2009. This case study investigated changes in body core temperature during preparation for and completion of two official ‘Ice Miles’, defined as swimming 1.609 km in water of 5°C or colder, in one swimmer. Case description One experienced ice swimmer (56 years old, 110.2 kg body mass, 1.76...

A set of four simple performance measures reflecting adherence to guidelines predicts hospitalization: a claims-based cohort study of patients with diabetes

rpeoF PowerdbyTCPDF( roland rapold 1 Oliver reich 1 Thomas rosemann 3 Background: The link between guideline adherence and outcomes is a highly demanded issue in diabetes care. We aimed to

Increased participation and improved performance in age group backstroke master swimmers from 25–29 to 100–104 years at the FINA World Masters Championships from 1986 to 2014

Participation and performance trends in age group athletes have been investigated for different sport disciplines, but not for master swimmers. The knowledge on this topic is still missing for a particular stroke such as backstroke. Changes in participation and performance of male and female age group backstroke swimmers (≥25 years) competing in 50, 100 and 200 m pool swimming at...

Women cross the ‘Catalina Channel’ faster than men

Open-water ultra-distance swimming has a long history where the ‘English Channel’ (~33 km) was crossed in 1875 for the first time. Nowadays, the three most challenging open-water swims worldwide are the 21-miles (34 km) ‘English Channel Swim’, the 20.1-miles (32.2 km) ‘Catalina Channel Swim’ and the 28.5-miles (45.9 km) ‘Manhattan Island Marathon Swim’, also called the ‘Triple...

Pacing in a self-paced world record attempt in 24-h road cycling

BackgroundPacing strategy plays a major role in sport performance. However, there is a dearth of knowledge concerning pacing during ultra-endurance sport events. The present case study investigated the pacing of an ultra-cyclist in a self-paced attempt to break the world record in 24-h road cycling and, with all the caveats and the limitations affecting a case report, could be...

Participation and performance trends in elderly marathoners in four of the world’s largest marathons during 2004–2011

Performance and age of elite marathoners is well known. Participation and performance trends of elderly marathoners (75 years and older) are not well investigated. This study investigated participation and performance trends in elderly marathoners older than 75 years competing during 2004–2011 in four races (Berlin, New York, Chicago and Boston) of the ‘World Marathon Majors...

Effect of a patient-centered drug review on polypharmacy in primary care patients: study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Thomas Rosemann 1 Stefan Neuner-Jehle 1 0 Institute of Primary Care, UniversitätsSpital Zürich , Pestalozzistrasse 24, CH-8091 Zürich , Switzerland 1 Institute of Primary Care, University of Zurich

Do women reduce the gap to men in ultra-marathon running?

The aim of the present study was to examine sex differences across years in performance of runners in ultra-marathons lasting from 6 h to 10 days (i.e. 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 144, and 240 h). Data of 32,187 finishers competing between 1975 and 2013 with 93,109 finishes were analysed using multiple linear regression analyses. With increasing age, the sex gap for all race durations...

The Chronic Care for Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (CHARMED) Study: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Background In real life, outcomes in wet age related macular degeneration (W-AMD) continue to fall behind the results from randomized controlled trials. The aim of this trial was to assess if outcomes can be improved by an intervention in healthcare organization following recommendations of the Chronic Care Model (CCM). Methods Multi-centered randomized controlled clinical trial...

Increase in participation but decrease in performance in age group mountain marathoners in the ‘Jungfrau Marathon’: a Swiss phenomenon?

Participation and performance trends for age group marathoners have been investigated for large city marathons such as the ‘New York City Marathon’ but not for mountain marathons. This study investigated participation and trends in performance and sex difference in the mountain marathon ‘Jungfrau Marathon’ held in Switzerland from 2000 to 2014 using single and mixed effects...

Acceptance of interventions to promote primary care: What do physicians prioritize?

Rosemann 0 Stefan Markun 0 0 Institute of Primary Care, University Hospital and University of Zurich , Pestalozzistrasse 24, 8091 Zurich , Switzerland Background: Switzerland is facing a shortage of primary

The impact of physician–nurse task shifting in primary care on the course of disease: a systematic review

Tandjung 0 Sima Djalali 0 Thomas Rosemann 0 0 Institute of Primary Care, University of Zurich, University Hospital of Zurich , Pestalozzistrasse 24, CH-8091 Zurich , Switzerland Background: Physician-nurse