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A Smiling Face Is Half The Meal: The Role of Cooperation in Sustaining Maine’s Local Food Industry

Policy Review 23.2 (2014) : 43 -50, - by Ethan Tremblay and Timothy Waring Maine is among the states leading a national resurgence in local ... behavior on policy making. Timothy Waring is an assistant professor of socialecological systems modeling at the University of Maine. He studies the emergence and persistence of cooperation in environmental

Evidence of cultural group selection in territorial lobstering in Maine

Relatively little is known about how resource conservation practices and institutions emerge. We examine the historical emergence of territoriality and conservation rules in Maine’s lobstering industry, using a cultural evolutionary perspective. Cultural evolution suggests that cultural adaptations such as practices and institutions arise as a result of evolutionary selection...

Beyond existence and aiming outside the laboratory: estimating frequency-dependent and pay-off-biased social learning strategies

The existence of social learning has been confirmed in diverse taxa, from apes to guppies. In order to advance our understanding of the consequences of social transmission and evolution of behaviour, however, we require statistical tools that can distinguish among diverse social learning strategies. In this paper, we advance two main ideas. First, social learning is diverse, in...