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Freshwater bryozoans of Lithuania (Bryozoa)

Nine species of freshwater bryozoans were recorded in Lithuania in a survey of 18 various types of freshwater bodies. Eight species were assigned to the Class Phylactolaemata and families Plumatellidae and Cristatellidae (Plumatella repens, Plumatella fungosa, Plumatella fruticosa, Plumatella casmiana, Plumatella emarginata, Plumatella geimermassardi, Hyalinella punctata and...

Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Drosophila melanogaster Myosins

Myosins constitute a superfamily of motor proteins that convert energy from ATP hydrolysis into mechanical movement along the actin filaments. Phylogenetic analysis currently places myosins into 17 classes based on class-specific features of their conserved motor domain. Traditionally, the myosins have been divided into two classes depending on whether they form monomers or...

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9661710 Michele Wheatly, Timothy Wood, Patricia R. Renick, Jeffrey Vernooy, The purpose of this short communication is to inform readers of the journal about an innovative NSF funded project at Wright State