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A high HIV-1 strain variability in London, UK, revealed by full-genome analysis: Results from the ICONIC project

Yebra, Dan Frampton, Tiziano Gallo Cassarino. Funding acquisition: Zisis Kozlakidis, Andrew Hayward, Paul Kellam, Deenan Pillay, Andrew J. Leigh Brown. Nastouli. J. Leigh Brown. Resources: Jade Raffle ... Brown. Writing ± review & editing: Gonzalo Yebra, Dan Frampton, Tiziano Gallo Cassarino, Jade Raffle, Jonathan Hubb, R. Bridget Ferns, Laura Waters, C. Y. William Tong, Zisis Kozlakidis, Andrew Hayward

SWISS-MODEL: modelling protein tertiary and quaternary structure using evolutionary information

Protein structure homology modelling has become a routine technique to generate 3D models for proteins when experimental structures are not available. Fully automated servers such as SWISS-MODEL with user-friendly web interfaces generate reliable models without the need for complex software packages or downloading large databases. Here, we describe the latest version of the SWISS...