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Predicting Cu and Zn sorption capacity of biochar from feedstock C/N ratio and pyrolysis temperature

funds to Tom Sizmur. Alfonso Rodríguez-Vila would like to thank the University of Vigo and the COST Action TD1107 for sponsoring his research visit to the University of Reading. Funders had no involvement

Plant Growth Environments with Programmable Relative Humidity and Homogeneous Nutrient Availability

We describe the design, characterization, and use of “programmable”, sterile growth environments for individual (or small sets of) plants. The specific relative humidities and nutrient availability experienced by the plant is established (RH between 15% and 95%; nutrient concentration as desired) during the setup of the growth environment, which takes about 5 minutes and <1$ in...

LEGO® Bricks as Building Blocks for Centimeter-Scale Biological Environments: The Case of Plants

LEGO bricks are commercially available interlocking pieces of plastic that are conventionally used as toys. We describe their use to build engineered environments for cm-scale biological systems, in particular plant roots. Specifically, we take advantage of the unique modularity of these building blocks to create inexpensive, transparent, reconfigurable, and highly scalable...

A Simple and Versatile 2-Dimensional Platform to Study Plant Germination and Growth under Controlled Humidity

We describe a simple, inexpensive, but remarkably versatile and controlled growth environment for the observation of plant germination and seedling root growth on a flat, horizontal surface over periods of weeks. The setup provides to each plant a controlled humidity (between 56% and 91% RH), and contact with both nutrients and atmosphere. The flat and horizontal geometry of the...