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Simplified dark matter models in the light of AMS-02 antiproton data

In this work we perform an analysis of the recent AMS-02 antiproton flux and the antiproton-to-proton ratio in the framework of simplified dark matter models. To predict the AMS-02 observables we adopt the propagation and injection parameters determined by the observed fluxes of nuclei. We assume that the dark matter particle is a Dirac fermionic dark matter, with leptophobic...

Thermal dark matter implies new physics not far above the weak scale

In this work we complete a model independent analysis of dark matter constraining its mass and interaction strengths with data from astro- and particle physics experiments. We use the effective field theory framework to describe interactions of thermal dark matter particles of the following types: real and complex scalars, Dirac and Majorana fermions, and vector bosons. Using...

Germline and somatic variant identification using BGISEQ-500 and HiSeq X Ten whole genome sequencing

acquisition: Nicola Waddell. Methodology: Ann-Marie Patch, Katia Nones, Stephen H. Kazakoff, Felicity Newell, Oliver Holmes, Qinying Xu, Venkateswar Addala, Shujin Fu, Chunyu Geng, Tong Li, Wenwei Zhang ... , Jenette Creaney, Bruce W. Robinson, Shujin Fu, Chunyu Geng, Tong Li, Wenwei Zhang, Xinming Liang, Junhua Rao, Jiahao Wang, Mingyu Tian, Bicheng Yang, Hui Jiang, Feng Mu, John V. Pearson, Nicola Waddell

A cross-sectional survey on the health status and the health-related quality of life of the elderly after flood disaster in Bazhong city, Sichuan, China

Background Flood is common in China and causes extensive loss of property and human lives. Elderly is a vulnerable population prone to the detrimental impacts of floods. This survey aims to investigate the health status and the HRQoL of the elderly in Bazhong city after a major flood in 2011. Methods A total of 1183 elderly (aged > 60) were surveyed through random sampling from...