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Effects of dapagliflozin and n-3 carboxylic acids on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in people with type 2 diabetes: a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled study

Aims/hypothesisThe EFFECT-II study aimed to investigate the effects of dapagliflozin and omega-3 (n-3) carboxylic acids (OM-3CA), individually or combined, on liver fat content in individuals with type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).MethodsThis randomised placebo-controlled double-blind parallel-group study was performed at five clinical research centres...

Preserved Fat-Free Mass after Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Switch

Background Concerns for the possibility of an excessive loss of fat-free mass (FFM) and resting metabolic rate (RMR) after bariatric surgery, such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and duodenal switch (BPD/DS), have been raised. Objectives This study aims to examine body composition and RMR in patients after RYGB and BPD/DS and in non-operated controls. Methods Body composition...

Circulating cathepsin-S levels correlate with GFR decline and sTNFR1 and sTNFR2 levels in mice and humans

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Serum Fatty Acids, Desaturase Activities and Abdominal Obesity – A Population-Based Study of 60-Year Old Men and Women

Abdominal obesity is a key contributor of metabolic disease. Recent trials suggest that dietary fat quality affects abdominal fat content, where palmitic acid and linoleic acid influence abdominal obesity differently, while effects of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are less studied. Also, fatty acid desaturation may be altered in abdominal obesity. We aimed to investigate cross...

Effects of Unfermented and Fermented Whole Grain Rye Crisp Breads Served as Part of a Standardized Breakfast, on Appetite and Postprandial Glucose and Insulin Responses: A Randomized Cross-over Trial

Background Whole grain rye products have been shown to increase satiety and elicit lower postprandial insulin response without a corresponding change in glucose response compared with soft refined wheat bread. The underlying mechanisms for these effects have not been fully determined The primary aim of the study was to investigate if whole grain rye crisp bread compared to...

Genome-wide association meta-analysis of circulating odd-numbered chain saturated fatty acids: Results from the CHARGE Consortium

Background Odd-numbered chain saturated fatty acids (OCSFA) have been associated with potential health benefits. Although some OCSFA (e.g., C15:0 and C17:0) are found in meats and dairy products, sources and metabolism of C19:0 and C23:0 are relatively unknown, and the influence of non-dietary determinants, including genetic factors, on circulating levels of OCSFA is not...

Saturated fatty acids in human visceral adipose tissue are associated with increased 11- β-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase type 1 expression

Background Visceral fat accumulation is associated with metabolic disease. It is therefore relevant to study factors that regulate adipose tissue distribution. Recent data shows that overeating saturated fatty acids promotes greater visceral fat storage than overeating unsaturated fatty acids. Visceral adiposity is observed in states of hypercortisolism, and the enzyme 11...

Urinary albumin excretion, blood pressure changes and hypertension incidence in the community: effect modification by kidney function

Background Both increased albuminuria and reduced kidney function may predict blood pressure (BP) progression in the community, while they exacerbate each other's effects. We investigated associations and interactions between these two risk factors, BP changes and hypertension incidence in community-dwelling elderly men.

Influence of a prudent diet on circulating cathepsin S in humans

3 Ulf Risérus 0 0 Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Uppsala University , 75185 Uppsala Science Park , Sweden 1 Dalarna University, School of Health

The association between glomerular filtration rate and left ventricular function in two independent community-based cohorts of elderly

Background The cardiorenal syndrome, the detrimental bi-directional interplay between symptomatic heart failure and chronic kidney disease, is a major clinical challenge. Nonetheless, it is unknown if this interplay begins already at an asymptomatic stage. Therefore we investigated whether the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is associated with left ventricular function in...

Serum and adipose tissue fatty acid composition as biomarkers of habitual dietary fat intake in elderly men with chronic kidney disease

Background Fatty acid (FA) composition in serum cholesterol esters (CE) and adipose tissue (AT) reflect the long-term FA intake in the general population. Because both dietary intake and FA biomarkers associate with renal function, our aim was to identify which CE and AT FAs are useful biomarkers of habitual FA intake in individuals with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Adipose tissue stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 index is increased and linoleic acid is decreased in obesity-prone rats fed a high-fat diet

Background Fatty acid (FA) composition and desaturase indices are associated with obesity and related metabolic conditions. However, it is unclear to what extent desaturase activity in different lipid fractions contribute to obesity susceptibility. Our aim was to test whether desaturase activity and FA composition are linked to an obese phenotype in rats that are either obesity...

Overfeeding Polyunsaturated and Saturated Fat Causes Distinct Effects on Liver and Visceral Fat Accumulation in Humans

Excess ectopic fat storage is linked to type 2 diabetes. The importance of dietary fat composition for ectopic fat storage in humans is unknown. We investigated liver fat accumulation and body composition during overfeeding saturated fatty acids (SFAs) or polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). LIPOGAIN was a double-blind, parallel-group, randomized trial. Thirty-nine young and...

Inflammation, oxidative stress, glomerular filtration rate, and albuminuria in elderly men: a cross-sectional study

Background The role of inflammation and oxidative stress in mild renal impairment in the elderly is not well studied. Accordingly, we aimed at investigating the associations between estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR), and markers of different inflammatory pathways and oxidative stress in a community based cohort of elderly men. Findings...

Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, inflammation and mortality in dialysis patients

Background Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are essential nutrients with anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties. We investigated the association of essential dietary PUFA intake, reflected by plasma fatty acid composition, with inflammation and mortality in dialysis patients.

Long-Term Predictors of Insulin Resistance: Role of lifestyle and metabolic factors in middle-aged men

OBJECTIVE—Predictors of insulin resistance have hitherto only been examined in cross-sectional studies without information on lifestyle factors. Few researchers have measured insulin sensitivity directly and compared different metabolic and lifestyle predictors in a large population. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—Our aim was to investigate independent long-term predictors of...

Serum Cathepsin S Is Associated With Decreased Insulin Sensitivity and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes in a Community-Based Cohort of Elderly Men

OBJECTIVE To investigate associations between serum cathepsin S, impaired insulin sensitivity, defective insulin secretion, and diabetes risk in a community-based sample of elderly men without diabetes.

Whole Grain Rye Intake, Reflected by a Biomarker, Is Associated with Favorable Blood Lipid Outcomes in Subjects with the Metabolic Syndrome – A Randomized Study

Background and Aim Few studies have explored the possible plasma cholesterol lowering effects of rye consumption. The aim of this secondary analysis in the SYSDIET study was to investigate the association between plasma alkylresorcinols (AR), a biomarker for whole grain wheat and rye intake, and blood lipid concentrations in a population with metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, we...

Sagittal abdominal diameter as a marker of inflammation and insulin resistance among immigrant women from the Middle East and native Swedish women: a cross-sectional study

cross-sectional study Helena Petersson 0 Achraf Daryani 0 Ulf Risérus 0 0 Address: Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences , Uppsala , Sweden Background