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Detection of chemically induced ecotoxicological effects in rivers of the Nidda catchment (Hessen, Germany) and development of an ecotoxicological, Water Framework Directive–compliant assessment system

BackgroundApproximately 90% of German surface waters do not meet the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive (EU-WFD). This is primarily due to deficits in water body structure and biological quality components, which in turn are negatively affected by chemical pollution. In this context, hydromorphological restoration measures have often been conducted to improve...

Are In Vitro Methods for the Detection of Endocrine Potentials in the Aquatic Environment Predictive for In Vivo Effects? Outcomes of the Projects SchussenAktiv and SchussenAktivplus in the Lake Constance Area, Germany

Many studies about endocrine pollution in the aquatic environment reveal changes in the reproduction system of biota. We analysed endocrine activities in two rivers in Southern Germany using three approaches: (1) chemical analyses, (2) in vitro bioassays, and (3) in vivo investigations in fish and snails. Chemical analyses were based on gas chromatography coupled with mass...

A critical analysis of the biological impacts of plasticizers on wildlife

Look 0 4 Charles R. Tyler 0 5 0 Jorg Oehlmann , Ulrike Schulte-Oehlmann, Werner Kloas, Oana Jagnytsch, Ilka Lutz, Kresten O. Kusk, Leah Wollenberger, Eduarda M. Santos, Gregory C. Paull, Katrien J. W