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The influence of the region between residues 220 and 344 and beyond in Phrixotrix railroad worm luciferases green and red bioluminescence

To find the regions having a major influence on the bioluminescence spectra of railroad worm luciferases, we constructed new chimeric luciferases switching the fragments from residues 1–219 and from 220–545 between Phrixotrix viviani (PxvGR; λmax = 548 nm) green light‐emitting luciferase and Phrixothrix hirtus (PxhRE; λmax = 623 nm) red light‐emitting luciferases. The emission...

The proton and metal binding sites responsible for the pH-dependent green-red bioluminescence color tuning in firefly luciferases

resulting in red light emission. 1 2 1 3 Author Contributions Vadim R. Viviani idealized the research, prepared mutants H310A, H310R, E311A, E311R, E311R/R337E and Crt-E354E, recorded the bioluminescence