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Broadcast and Minimum Spanning Tree with o(m) Messages in the Asynchronous CONGEST Model

, Shay Kutten , and David Peleg . A sublinear time distributed algorithm for minimum-weight spanning trees . SIAM Journal on Computing , 27 ( 1 ): 302 - 316 , 1998 . Bruce M Kapron , Valerie King , and Ben ... Distributed Computing, DISC'06 , pages 355 - 369 , Berlin, Heidelberg, 2006 . Springer-Verlag. doi:10 .1007/11864219_ 25 . Valerie King , Shay Kutten , and Mikkel Thorup . Construction and impromptu repair of

Communication-efficient randomized consensus

We consider the problem of consensus in the challenging classic model. In this model, the adversary is adaptive; it can choose which processors crash at any point during the course of the algorithm. Further, communication is via asynchronous message passing: there is no known upper bound on the time to send a message from one processor to another, and all messages and coin flips...

Static Magnetic Field Therapy: A Critical Review of Treatment Parameters

Static magnetic field (SMF) therapy, applied via a permanent magnet attached to the skin, is used by people worldwide for self-care. Despite a lack of established SMF dosage and treatment regimens, multiple studies are conducted to evaluate SMF therapy effectiveness. Our objectives in conducting this review are to: (i) summarize SMF research conducted in humans; (ii) critically...

Cochrane Rapid Reviews Methods Group to play a leading role in guiding the production of informed high-quality, timely research evidence syntheses

, Gerald Gartlehner, Chris Kamel, Valerie King, and Adrienne Stevens. 1. Ganann R , Ciliska D , Thomas H. Expediting systematic reviews: methods and implications of rapid reviews . Implement Sci . 2010 ; 5